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Owned by Find AZ Websites Ltd, part of the Find AZ group of companies, azwebsitesforsale.com is a new on-line portal allowing Buyers and Sellers to buy and sell web-sites absolutely FREE!

Find AZ has been around for a number of years, not only buying Websites and Online Trading Businesses, but developing them ourselves and selling them to happy Buyers. It became apparent to us, however, that there was a need for a platform for Buyers and Sellers to get together easily, and without fuss.

So we created AZWebsitesForSale!


To ADVERTISE your Website click on the 'Sell Websites'. Complete our Standard Template and Submit it to us. Our staff will check your submission and upload it together with an image of the web-site Home Page. The site details are then visible for potential purchasers to see.


To BUY a Website click on the 'Buy Websites, go through the selections and make an offer!

Its as easy as that!

Currently, we have hundreds of Websites and Online Businesses registered with us,