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Automatically - Profitable Business, Digital Products, Fast Money Maker You can always risky action on a number of other auctions and buy some other sites that may or may not work, or you can get a site that is completely successful proven to earn serious money

Brief description:

This is a very rich site service, customers will find what any service on this site, from the classifieds, restaurant, dining, travel ... where to meet all the needs for everyone across the globe. Website is 100% automated income

This site runs itself makes you $ 3.500 - $ 15.500 per month and does not stop there ...

Ensure revenue:
This site is perfect for those who want to earn a steady income from their investments. I guarantee you will earn $ 3.500 - $ 15.500 per month.

Reason for selling:

I'm looking to sell the site to invest in business ventures now. So I need to sell the site to raise funds, rather than making money every month from the business. This is a genuine money-making website for buyers and get paid every day

I will work with you for free you need after the transfer of the site just to make sure you understand everything and have everything you need to succeed with this site.
The participation of individuals I will ensure a smooth transition for you on the ownership of this web service is the hottest
Full rights to the design and support by me to help you with any questions ..
Ownership and transfer of domain names and the entire contents
Assist in the transfer site on your server: We will support you in moving the site to your server to have a smooth transition and the services are not affected. is all about services to help businesses worldwide achieve their financial goals.

Site focusing on global trade services for revenue is as follows:

1/ Revenue from services send the list of global customers such as yellow pages, cuisine, restaurant, directory, articles, classifieds ... all focused on item categories
2/ Revenues from sales of products such as electronic commerce: revenue affiliate products through ... all focusing on niche products menu
3/ Revenues from products associated material such as Commission Junction, Linkshare, Betty Mills ... and special is the large volume of well-known software through Avangate website (to get these products on site web, I use the plugin V4 Datafeedr
4/ Revenue from sale of coupons through global affiliate products discount. to use this service I have used the site to import data coupons with firm links in section 3
5/ Revenue from Amazon

The official website built on commercial software, which is the number one electronic dictionary: XsitePro2.5
All web services are built on the foundation of the latest Wordpress version, so you will manage every service an easy process. site is an ecommerce site is very large and very rich global services.
* Customers can find any services they want.
* The global business agent sends information list their products on the site with the service they choose and your income immediately through the package you specified for the agent to send the list books ...
* It helps everyone who wants to sell or any product Ad something.

When you decide to buy it at the best price:
1/ You will have full administrative rights it
I will send you an account of all the services available on the web
2/ You will get the web design software of an electronic commerce are: XsitePro2.5 free, lifetime license. (This software is being sold for $ 197 in You will use this software to edit or add or remove services you want on your or use this software to create thousands of other sites standards of google
3/ You will receive important plugin to import products such as Amazon import - V4 Datafeedr - import Yotube

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