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Drop shipping online

What is drop shipping?
Dropshipping enables a website business to purchase products directly through a wholesaler and ship them directly to customers.
Partnering with a wholesaler who is focused on drop ship simply means that you don’t need to invest in a large amount of products. Orders are directed to the wholesaler/supplier for processing and dispatched directly to the customer. The charge to you will only be for the shipped product.
The benefits
• You will be in a position to offer your customers a wider variety of differing products.
• Should your online business not appear to be achieving its objectives and you decide to sell or re model, you will not have the worry of how to dispose of a high volume of stock.
• There are no costs involved in relation to running a storage operation; all that you will require is a lap top with internet connection.
• Your business model can increase revenue without affecting your costs.
Creating sales and profits are based on a variety of factors; arguably, the most important being the chosen niche and commitment from the company owner. Like any business venture, it takes time to build, however once a drop shipping business is up and running it is relatively straight forward to run. It is essential that you are totally confident in the level of service to be provided by your wholesaler.
Profit margins will vary depending on the value and nature of the products you are selling and the value you are offering your customers over and above your competitors, thus allowing you to charge a higher premium.
With long term vision, focus, strategy and commitment to hard work, it is highly likely that you will benefit from excellent sales and profits!
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