Google’s New Rules for Links

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Google's New Link Rules

Google has revisited their rules for links and updated its official documentation.
The rules will affect any links that appear to be manipulating the ranking of a website; this includes both outgoing links and any facilities attracting links to your site.

Here are some examples of link schemes that will have a negative effect on a websites search ranking results:
• Exchanging money for links/posts that contain links; exchanging services, goods or free products
• Excessive use of partner pages with the intention of cross linking
• Marketing campaigns or guest campaigns with keyword rich links
• Utilizing programs or a service to formulate links
All links must be authorized by the website owner and editorially placed; failure will be classed as a violation of the guidelines, these are known as unnatural links.
Here are a few examples of unnatural links:
• Advertorials that receive revenue for their articles that include links which pass PageRank
• Text adverts which also pass PageRank
• Poor quality book mark or directory links
• Links attached to individual words or phrases in an exclusive article
• Embedded links in widgets i.e. 850 visitors to this page, distributing across a variety of sites, for example to home insurance
• Optimized links in the post or signature of a forum comment i.e. ‘Thank you for the update – Alexander'
In order to drive your website forward effectively through links, simply create relevant, regular and fresh content that will be found by another interested party who will link to it. read more »

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