How Do I Sell My Website

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Important factors

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How do I sell my website

How do I sell my Website?

There comes a time where we all have an idea for a web site, we set it up and then…we never have time to work on it. There also comes a time where you realize you don’t have the passion you once did or may need to release funds to support another project.
The value of your site will depend on a variety of factors such as monthly income, traffic, user base and potential for your site in the future.

Let’s have a look at some questions you should ask yourself first:-

  • Why might somebody consider investing in your site? – There are numerous reasons why somebody may buy your site. It could be someone who has products linked to your marketplace and your traffic could prove lucrative to the growth of their business.  Alternatively it could be of interest to a purchaser who is looking for the passive income it currently generates, or the site could have SEO value for an organization that purchases sites for the purpose of linking.
  • What might you hope to see happen with the site you have for sale? – Some individuals are quite particular about who they will and won’t sell their website to, this is generally because they want to see the site fall into the right hands and grow.
  • What is the revenue potential of your site? – You need to promote your site on the basis that it is established, generating income and producing traffic. You must also consider how to present a potential buyer with a vision and the opportunities that will enable them to grow and develop the site.
  • How much comparable sites have previously sold for? – There are very likely to be other sites which have sold in the past with similar income and traffic stats to your site. Investigate how well these sites are selling.
  • How can I increase the value of the site before I advertise it for sale?- 
    Interestingly, there are people out there who have no idea of the enormous income potential of their existing site. There are sites out there generating a huge amount of organic traffic which is being sold for very little simply because the owners have no idea how to monetize it. A marketable website should capture email addresses and names. You can also create additional monthly income by adding an Adsense block. The message is simple; monetize your site correctly before listing it for sale!
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