The Many Facets of Google

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Europe's new 'right to be forgotten'

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Is Google+ still useful to your business?

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The implications of Google Hummingbird

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How transparent is Google?

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Google's 2014 Algorithm updates

Prepare for Google’s 2014 Algorithm Updates
Without question Goodle’s 2013 updates have proved to be incredibly eventful, the most significant dominanting being the further releases of Penguine and Panda. The shift being to encrypted search rather than keyword data, raising the question in relation to whether SEO no longer exists.
The pressure on marketeers to further develop an onlne presence has never been more strongly competetive in order to continue reach the highly competitive mass online market and further improve ROI. This has now become a highligh strategic challenge in a complex attempt to anticipate Google’s next moves. It could be compared to a game of chess. It is expected that minor adjustments to both Panda and Penguine will be necessary to facilitate to contunie targeting both content quality and link quality. Marketeers should closely monitor their link profiles and set up a system to ensure periodic audits to identify and delete any unnatural inbound links.
Google will be focussing on companies that have strong relevant content marketing strategies which signpost them above their competitors:
• Relevant, interesting and usefull content targeted towards the needs of your audience
• Interactive social signals from engaging with your audience
• Evidence that your website is fresh, alive and continuing to grow
• Continued development in relation to authorities connected to your work
Social media continues to play a sugnificant part in the developments throughout 2014 (please visit our Social Media Blogs)
Continue to invest in Google and your presence and ensure you firmly establish Google has authorship in relation to your content. Create your content purely with the reader in mind, don’t worry too much about whether its long or short, but rather in what way the content will be consumed and acted upon.
PPC and advertising has moved away from SEO as the decision was made to encrypt most of the searches restricting the ability to determine keyword data for research. However Keyword date can be accessed by advertisers via using the Google PPC platform. This will very lightly drive more SEO budgets towards PPC.
Clearly the way forward is to accept the changes in 2013 and embrace the changes in 2014 without feeling challenged. Stay on course and act according to the professionals by paying continued attention to the key strategies relevant to your particular business going offer highly experienced and effective online business solutions, we create facebook business pages,  buy websites, develop existing websites, sell websites and offer a professional landing page/blog writing service. Should you need help or advice, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today! read more »

Google finally launches Google helpouts

Google finally launches Google Helpouts.
After a number of months of speculation, Google has finally announced the launch of Google Helpouts. Effectively, Google has created facility for people and businesses to generate income through live social video.
Google Helpouts can be compared to a video questions and answers site, should you choose to invest in this facility, and you will be paying for the privilege of an expert to answer them and the process is instigated purely through video.
To date, Google already has over 1,000 providers who provide a professional and expert Helpout service which includes Computers, Electronics, Music, Arts, Heath, Beauty, Fashion, Cooking, Careers, Education, Nutrition, Home and Garden, giving their expertise on a vast span of subjects. They also offer an extremely valuable support advice service to students, which include computer help allowing the student to actually share the screen with the expert advisor.
Google already has companies such as Weight Watchers, Sephora, One Medical, Rosetta stone and Redbeacon providing Google Helpout solutions.
Google scrutinizes all potential providers, prior to the launch the 1,000 went through a rigorous screening process and will be monitored and evaluated through ratings and comments feedback from those who purchase the service.
There is a 100% refund guaranteed by Google; however this is monitored and assessed. Privacy HIPAA complaint protection has been has been built in for medical related services and credentials checked out.
Interestingly, in the fist instance, Google began testing Helpouts internally through external experts, consultants and employees prior to launch.
Financially, the investment for the cost and duration in relation to providers will vary between providers.
Without question Helpouts provide instant immediate global research, flexibility and convenience.
Providers can price the Helpouts as they see fit. You can charge a fixed price per Helpout or a per-minute rate. Google Wallet is integrated as the payment method.
You can schedule the Helpouts for a time that fits your schedule, and you can do it from the desktop or from mobile. offer highly experienced and effective online business solutions, we buy websites, develop existing websites, sell websites and offer a professional landing page/blog writing service. Should you need help or advice, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today! read more »

Google updates it's algorithm

Google updates it's algorithm
Google has recently launched another update to its algorithm, the objective being to address the sites that post mug shots of individuals, and then charge for their removal. This action will stop people from suffering damages and safe guard their online reputations.
Effectively, there are a number of sites gathering mug shots that are in the public domain in order to get ranked in the search results for the individuals who appear in the shots. Prior to this update, it will come as no surprise that these sites were ranking very highly in Google; however were causing great distress and significantly damaging reputations. The individuals targeted were not only criminals, murderers, sex offenders, but also people who, following arrest, were never actually convicted, this category of individual may have only committed a minor offence and have since repaid their debt to society or individuals who genuinely don’t deserve to have a mug shot as the first thing when a person Google searches their name. Targeted and tarnished individuals could be looking for jobs, purchasing homes/vehicles or could even be considering starting up their own business. Businesses too could be missing out on genuine untapped and qualified talent out there in the market place .
It has been suggested that these sites can sometimes charge as much as $400 in order for a person to have their mug shot removed. The danger being that the same content may actually be appearing on similar sites. In the past Google hasn’t particularly cared about removing reputation-damaging content unless it is legally required to do so, however they have, and quite rightly, on this occasion taken appropriate action.
Google’s algorithm change doesn’t discriminate; it protects and facilitates public safety and for every single person who may be at risk.
Interestingly, companies like MasterCard have severed their connections with web businesses who have been involved in profit making web shots. offer highly experienced and effective online business solutions, we buy websites, develop existing websites, sell websites and offer a professional landing page/blog writing service. Should you need help or advice, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today! read more »

Advertisers face Google's biggest ever changes to AdWords

Advertisers face Google’s biggest ever change to AdWords
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Penguin 2.0 two weeks on

The effects of the launch of Penguin 2.0
It has been only two weeks since the launch of Penguin 2.0.  Many sites have been hard hit and experienced detrimental effects to both their Search Engine rankings and content marketing strategies. This fourth update appears to have had the biggest impact.

What should we be concerned about?
Investing in content marketing strategies in order to facilitate the growth of search rankings has significant implications in relation to optimization. Google will give a helping hand up the rankings to websites that offer an authority on a given subject. The quality of regular and fresh content is an enormously significant factor.

Perhaps your well managed site has been fortunate enough not to have initially been effected by this latest update, however the message is, do not be complacent. It is recommended that your optimization is carefully reviewed in order to take into account the potential implications.  The key lies in an experienced copywriter who can provide you with a wide variety of content to further cement your online authority through posts, blogs, page content and news articles.

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The many facets of google

The Many Facets of Google

Google’s forth Penguin update entitled Penguin 2.0 has finally been announced this week by Matt Cutts. Google’s objective is to reward sites based upon the quality of their content. There will be no benefit to the sites who have used ‘black hat’ techniques in an attempt to cheat the google system in order to rank more highly. The high ranking sites will be determined by their good work. It is no surprise that there will undoubtedly be unrest for those in the SEO industry.
You can hear what Matt Cutts has to say via Youtube Google Webmaster Help.

From what I heard in the video Penguin 2.0 is expected to react more assertively than last Aprils update Google made to its search algorithm.
- Duplicated content needs to link to its original source using automated link building software.
- Google doesn’t want paid advertisements or sponsored posts passing on PageRank to sites that have links that are paid for, this makes sponsored posts more difficult to rank.
- More tools will be provided to individuals that have their sites hacked.
- Authority sites with good content such as travel or medical will be getting a boost and very likely see a spike in traffic for certain key words.
- It is a possibility that Google will reduced clustering on search engine result pages.
- Matt Cutts clearly explains in the video that people should take what is said, “With a pinch of grain salt” Google may make various differing updates to its search engine as required.
The message appears pretty clear, if you were affected by Penguin or Panda due to ‘black hat’ link building techniques, then you will undoubtedly be hit very hard by Google over the coming months. Good news for those of you who have a well managed site, interesting blogs and a strategic SEO game plan with great content for users! read more »