12 Years (domain age) Ecommerce websites for sale


Domain age: 12 years old ($5000 value normally)
Google indexed pages: 58

Traffic Source: Email marketing, solo ads, blog ads, banner ads, blog mentions, cheap ppc. (no organic traffic. If you do SEO it will get good results since the domain age is 12 years)
Products: Presently 10 top selling hair loss care products (you can add as many new products as you want such as hair oils, hair creams, hair colours, hair style products, vitamins, electri

Sale Price : GBP £740

Type : Website
Business Sector : Health and Beauty
Domain Registration Date : 02-Oct-2015
Income per Month : £0 (gross) - £0 (net)
Google Pagerank : 0
Alexa Rank : 3439733
Unique Visitors per month : 10130
Pageviews per Month : 41320
Majestic SEO Inbound Links : 0
Keywords in Google : 0
Pages with Duplicate Content : 0